Babes Wodumo's Sister Says Babes Is Not Ready For Therapy!

Babes Wodumo's sister Nondumiso Simelane has advised trolls to give Babes Wodumo a break as she deals with her husband's death, her way. 

This comes after the wave of criticism from social media users, in the manner in which Babes mourned and performed a day after laying him to rest.

Many people including Babes Wodumo's mother-in-law Zama Gumede, have criticised the star as she is not mourning Mandla Maphumulo the way most widows do.

Nonduh took to social media to let people know that Babes Wodumo is doing the best that she can and that she is grieving in her own way. Zimoja quoted Nonduh saying, “Babes is okay. Everyday is different, some days she cries and some days she is okay. But we are giving her space," she said addressing the concerns risen after Babes Wodumo was crying on stage.

On when Babes is prepared on going for therapy, Nonduh said, "She will go when she is ready."

Some reports suggested that her family took Mampintsha's phone away from her but Nonduh denied this, "We haven’t taken her phone or Mandla’s phone. We are allowing her to deal with the matter in the way she sees fit. It’s different for all of us. We are learning to adjust but we will not push Babes to mourn in a way that we see fit.”

Zama apparently criticised Babes Wodumo for the way in which she mourned her son. “I love Babes, she and I reunited and made peace at the funeral, but this is not how things are done" said Zamanguni Gumede
Babes Wodumo's Sister Says Babes Is Not Ready For Therapy!
Babes Wodumo's Sister Says Babes Is Not Ready For Therapy!
“Firstly, she is not at home, she is gallivanting in the streets, drinking and partying. Two, she is not wearing traditional mourning clothes. The daughter of a pastor is not following the rules. She is doing things her own way" added the ailing mother.

“I am not a very traditional person myself, and I understand people heal differently and deal with grief in their own way, but this is not right. This is painful to watch. She is disrespecting my son in a way" said Zamanguni Gumede

“Why are they [Babes' parents] not saying anything? It has not even been a month. I wouldn’t be shocked If she were to start dating someone. After everything, I am very disappointed. I just want her and me to talk and for us to find a way forward.” ended Zamanguni Gumede

Nota Baloyi even slammed Babes on Twitter, "Fellow South African industry mates you guys are witches, you worship satan, you do not know God, you love money," he says. Nota then drags Babes for performing at nightclubs instead of being at home mourning her husband. Babes recently caused a stir on social media after a video of her saying she is not in mourning, but rather dancing and getting drunk went viral.

"You cannot even mourn when your husband die, you must dance, you must talk about how much money you used to make or wanna make, you cannot even bury your husband in this fucken industry. If you marry someone in the industry, she will use your death to make money. Your family will use you as a cash cow and go to the press to talk about how great you were just so that people can give them money while you are rotting as a corpse. Mampintsha 's body is not even stiff under the ground yet his entire family is being milked like a cash cow," he says.
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