Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Fear-Struck Nurses Desert Suspected Covid-19 Body At Chitungwiza Hospital

There was widespread panic at Chitungwiza Central Hospital after a suspected COVID-19 patient died. 

Health workers at the hospital were forced to temporarily close the casualty section out of fear of contracting the disease and to slow its spread, in the case the suspect was indeed positive.

The suspected patient whose COVID-19 test results have since come out negative was reportedly admitted at the hospital when she fell ill after having consumed poison. However, after her admission, she is alleged to have told medical personnel attending to her that she had COVID-19 and was well travelled. This sparked panic among staff members and led to the temporary closure of the casualty section.

According to the local tabloid, H-Metro, the woman died the next day and spent close to 12 hours in the emergency room as staff at the hospital was afraid to handle the case.
Fear-Struck Nurses Desert Suspected COVID-19 Body At Chitungwiza Hospital
Fear-Struck Nurses Desert Suspected COVID-19 Body At Chitungwiza Hospital
Speaking to the publication, Chitungwiza Central Hospital CEO Dr Enock Maida confirmed the development.

‘I do not know what happened in the taking of history of the patient when it ended up with the speculation of COVID-19. The patient was unconscious when she came and never said anything. There could have been hallucinations by the patient on COVID-19 since she also has two children in the UK.

‘So along the way, we do not know where the COVID-19 came about but all our staff members had to take precautionary measures leading to the closure of the section which was temporarily moved to the outpatient's section,’ Dr Maida said.

He said normal operations resumed the next day after all safety measures had been conducted.

‘The section was fumigated and swabs were taken for tests to Sally Mugabe Central Hospital where they came out negative. Her close contacts who include her daughter and husband also had tests done and they were negative.’

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