Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Breaking News - Pearl Thusi Goes Missing Leaves Mzansi Worried.

Pearl Thusi goes missing and Mzansi is worried. The tv presenter and actress recently deleted all her social media accounts in a move that has left all her fans and followers baffled.

She left her fans shook after deactivating her social media without a public warning. Queen Sono’s star recently deactivated her social media accounts, but this has raised many eyebrows because everyone these days has become a social media junkie.

Mhepo News searched for her Twitter handle and it shows a depressing message saying “This account does not exist”

With almost the whole world on lockdown, many people are using the extra free time to connect with their loved ones. Other celebrities like Bonang have used the time to host a couple of live videos and interact with fans. Not Pearl Thusi who has instead used the time to even socially distance herself on social media too.
Breaking News - Pearl Thusi Goes Missing Leaves Mzansi Is Worried.
Breaking News - Pearl Thusi Goes Missing Leaves Mzansi Is Worried. 
Pearl Thusi’s fans have been left seriously concerned about her well-being because, she did not even warn them about her, taking a break from the internet.

We don’t blame her because, sometimes these social media streets can either make you or break you, so a brief hiatus is needed if things are really taking a toll.

It was just yesterday that Pearl was using her social media for good, trying to send out food parcels for to those less fortunate – something just doesn’t seem right, we really hope it’s nothing serious.

Some fans even begged her BFF DJ Zinhle to go find missing Pearl Thusi. However, DJ Zinhle herself also seemed not to know where Pearl Thusi is. She also sent her a public dedication message on Twitter and said everything will be okay.

Homegirl is clearly dealing with a lot of things, so let’s respect her decision. She might be using the lockdown to work on some home projects and avoid the distractions of social media.

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