Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Operation Sparrowhawk - The Two Unforgivable Sins Of Mebe Ngo'o According To Leon Messi

Mebe Ngo'o summoned to the TCS since the beginning of last week could not answer due to illness. For many, he would benefit from strong support from his networks including Leon Messi who thinks that Mebe Ngo'o has nothing to do with this story of misappropriation.

Mebe Ngo'o was not officially charged with anything. But the flocks of his political opponents impute to him all the sins of the world. Among these two sins are unforgivable:
Operation Sparrowhawk - The Two Unforgivable Sins Of Mebe Ngo'o According To Leon Messi
1. Mebe Ngo'o is very rich. And that is unacceptable especially when you are a Beti and a civil servant. Wealth is typically reserved for Bami, Wadjo and businessmen. It does not matter that he and his wife have shown the most brilliant entrepreneurial spirit of our generation to the point of fructifying the modest legacy of their parents. His enemies prefer to believe that he owes his wealth to embezzlement even if the state has so far not accused or found guilty of anything.

2. Mebe Ngo'o is one of the best known members of the seraglio. His resume is breathtaking: DGSN, Director of the Cabinet of the President, Minister of Defense, Minister of Transport. He indicates, among other things, that this gentleman is one of the most competent Cameroonians and has everything he needs to be President of the Republic after Biya. In addition, thanks to these key positions, he has forged a network of contacts that, when the time comes, will be able to form a coalition around him and constitute a sure political base. His CV and his contacts in addition to his wealth make him a formidable candidate for the succession of Biya.
That's why his enemies do everything to tarnish his reputation by inventing all kinds of stories against him.

While these talkers talk about their lives, Mebe Ngo'o continues to prepare to sympathize with Biya's estate. In all serenity.

Source - Operation Sparrowhawk- The Sins Of Mebe Ngo'o According To Leon Messi

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