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Breaking News - Prophet Evidence Chari Has Pictures Of Blessing Muzvongi Mashangwa

In a shocking development, Blessing Muzvongi Mashangwa has revealed that Prophet Evidence Chari’s wife came to her house and planted survei...

In a shocking development, Blessing Muzvongi Mashangwa has revealed that Prophet Evidence Chari’s wife came to her house and planted surveillance equipment.

She dared Prophet Chari to publish the n_ude pictures that were secretly recorded of her in her bedroom and her bathroom.

Writing on Facebook less than an hour ago, Blessing said:

First and foremost I want to apologise to my parents, family, clients, friends, and high profile people who have welcomed me into their circles, for the current wave of media recordings and statements. I apologise to Sirr Mash an astute hardworking businessman, my former boss, the father of my children and the director for Oceane group of companies, for any negativity that might be associated with this current wave, resulting from a video released on public platforms by Mr Chari. I’m no longer involved in Oceane Cosmetics and I understand what this has done to their brand.

I wish people waited to know and hear the full clip.

I do not know Mr. Chari neither do I know Chari’s wife. What I can testify is that this year in March 2020 Mrs. Chari came to my Sandton house with my sister, she came uninvited, in my absence, and stayed for a few hours. To the best of my knowledge, she had always wanted to meet me but given the situation between myself and their spiritual father, I felt it was a possible snare, hence I avoided going home to meet her.

Chari and wife are both young, they are yet to learn many things about life. There are things we can only learn with age. As we grow, we become mature, and with time we may gain wisdom. No one is escaping this process of growth, maturity and wisdom and the Chari’s are no exceptions.

When Chari did the live, he never thought it was going to unearth and lead to something much much bigger than he ever anticipated – the source of hidden unlawful surveillance in my home.

It was unearthed in September that there were secret cameras planted in my house, each room, including my bedroom and bathroom, such is the wickedness in peoples hearts. I guess my life has been a long journey of endurance, manipulation, name slandering, mind games and serious tarnishing of my image and Sirr Mash’s image. 
Blessing Muzvongi Mashangwa
 Blessing Muzvongi Mashangwa
A battle to bring down a business that has empowered women for 15 years. 

I have been a businesswoman for 22yrs, I started before Zimbabwe had this wave of prophets.

To date Oceane has given away a total of 32cars, the Tabitha foundation has fed families all over Zimbabwe, young girls have been taken to school. All this was done not with offering money or donors money but with funds from our own pockets. These good deeds cannot and will not be eroded because women in Africa still want to be empowered and empowered they will be 

For months I have been deeply wounded by the invasion of my privacy, thinking someone was watching even as I bathed, but I had to be patient to know who was behind it and for what reason? On the 8th of December I posted on my Instagram account lladybee_ those who personally know me, could tell my post was emotional and very afraid, I had been threatened to release Usd$500k or I was going to be exposed, my name was going to be ruined intentionally the other condition was to drop the lawsuit with Mr and Mrs Makandiwa, I don’t have that kind of money and I pleaded with people to pray for me. 

My association with both Mr Makandiwa and Mr Jay Israel has caused me so much pain and a lot of drama. I have been on separation for close to 2 years and my divorce has been in courts since 2016 but my divorce case has not been this dramatic.

Nudes or no nudes. Scandal or no scandal there is more to this woman called Blessing than all the other things that might be said. I will continue being who God called me to be, my passion to see African women being empowered and rising to become women of substance.

I will not be silenced by people who want to push the agenda that when someone falls of with their spiritual father, they will be cursed, if it does not happen they will go to the extent of secret cameras. I do not think Mr and Mrs Makandiwa agrees with such agendas being pushed in their name after all has been said and done … since leaving UFIC God has continued to show me mercy and kindness, I did not go broke, I bought a multi-million dollar house, built a beautiful head office in South Africa. 

I did start my own cosmetic brand that has been trending all over Africa, It is not a sin to leave any particular church, there is no need to defend any church or man of God, God fights for his own. God is everywhere, God is in every home not only in specific places & specific churches. Mr Chari since you have decided to play God release ALL the videos you have. 

Expose what you feel must be exposed when you are done Sir let me know then I will bring out my truth. Remember there is your story, my story, Mr Jay Israel story and the real story, I’m patient for I have already come too far. The truth will shock everyone so it’s ok.

For too long since the conception of the prophetic movement, the kingdom of God has been turned into being thy brothers accuser, It is time to pray. Whether you are catholic, pentecostal, prophetic, methodist, postori, the seventh day, watchtower, or any religion, we all worship the same God just in different ways. Let love lead, even the Chari’s do not condemn them for the word says he/she is without sin throw in the 1st stone.

I want to thank each person who sent messages through my inbox, Instagram and WhatsApp, encouraging me even when they didn’t and still they don’t know the story, you ministered the love of Christ with your warmth and love. May God bless you. Thank you all, It is well!

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