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Ginimbi's Source Of Wealth Debunked - How To Use Juju Power To Gain Wealth!

Some will believe, some will get revelations, some will understand but some will hate, cancel, rubbish, get offended, get defensive after re...

Some will believe, some will get revelations, some will understand but some will hate, cancel, rubbish, get offended, get defensive after reading this.

Some will not want this message to come out, some are seeking answers, some are running from the truth.

Don’t shoot the messenger!

Before we begin, let me say not every rich or successful person has obtained their wealth or fame using dark, occult or unsavoury means.

Wealth is a result of hard work, opportunities, intelligence and sometimes inheritance, you can’t expect the son of a billionaire to be poor.

Some wealthy people that you see on social media have insane working hours and can hardly be seen ‘resting’, they’re constantly a work in progress.

Also, not every struggling or poor person is innocent from dabbling with dark rituals and dark spirits.

Let us not glorify poverty or equal it to righteousness, also let us not envy or try to emulate some of the rich and wealthy, some of them paid a heavy price to get those things.

Also, if you’re a religious fundamentalist or scientist, this is not for you and don’t start preaching and promising fire and brimstone here, take several seats please, the elders are in session.

This is a reality, it’s not something cooked up from your favorite Hollywood or Nigerian movie.

They say life imitates art and vice versa, so go figure.

The process of ukuthwala or kuromba in Shona language is a deep, dark and complex one, only dark magic practitioners can fully attest to it.

The obtaining of riches through the occult, dark spirits, animal familiars has been around for a very long time and exists in different forms.

Let me say, not everyone does ukuthwala or kuromba for the same reasons and not everyone who does it starts out poor and bang they’re rich!

Some of the reasons people do it:

To protect their homesteads from spiritual/dark attacks from some people like them, who have done ukuthwala and to revenge the people who have done the same to them.

To pull crowds, they can be an inyanga, pastor, prophet, leader of an organization and they want crowds so they can have fame, influence and wealth.

To enhance their already existing wealth, they’re wealthy already but they want more, they want a golden touch, more opportunities etc

They want to be a sangoma, inyanga, healer prophet, yes there is such a package. One goes from ordinary person to overnight seer, healer, sangoma etc using dark powers. Some want to enhance their already existing gifts so they can get more customers and wealth.

So watch out you people who are constantly chasing sangomas or prophets, some are not called by idlozi/ the good ancestors or ordained by God.

Let us look at some of the ways ukuthwala or kuromba is done.

Some of it requires the death of a family member first. Some people who got to seek wealth are told to kill their family members first to activate the spell. Usually, the person they love the most is put on the chopping block.

That’s a difficult choice nevertheless and not for the faint-hearted. However the sangomas perform rituals on the person seeking wealth and they may see visions or scenarios, in which they’re hunting in a forest and told to kill an animal or they’re fighting with an enemy, when they kill the animal or the person they fight within the vision, their family members immediately die.

There have been stories of family members who just died sudden deaths, suffered sudden accidents, died from brief or unexplained sickness.

Now I’m not saying unexplained deaths are the work of dark rituals, sometimes it’s just nature.

However such deaths are followed by a family member’s sudden boom of wealth and even more deaths in the family as time goes on.
Ginimbi's Source Of Wealth Debuncked - How To Use Juju Power To Gain Wealth!
How To Use Juju Power To Gain Wealth!

Some are told to go to a stranger’s grave and take the soil there and give it to the inyanga who it turn performs spells on it and puts it in a calabash or gourd and the person is told to wash, drink of do certain rituals with the soil.

What has happened is, the inyanga has invoked a dead spirit, traps it, and binds it to the person so it’s job is to source wealth.

As per the agreement, the payment is also blood and wives. Female relatives of that person will be spiritually married to that spirit of a stranger.

They will start dreaming of having sex constantly, their marriage breaks down, men start shunning them naturally, they have violent, physical fights with their spouses and some even start emitting offensive body odours that even doctors can not explain or cure. Some may also start having abnormal and foul-smelling vaginal discharge than can not be explained away.

Some inyanga prefers to cut out the middlemen because mistakes and carelessness can happen, so they give the wealth seeker an already packaged object or animal in the form or rats, snakes or sandawanas.

The user is simply told to slaughter chickens or cows on a regular basis to appease this ‘thing’

Eventually, its taste for human blood surfaces and family members start dying at certain periods and the person continues to get wealthy.

Some inyanga can summon ancestral spirits from someone’s lineage, especially if they know the name of said spirit and they trap and bind the spirit in a gourd of calabash or some container and give the person with instructions to use. Instead of the ancestral spirit dwelling in peace and seeking out its own host, it’s trapped and being used for unorthodox and despicable ways.

Victims of this problem often dream of having punani with a family member, like with their brother or sister or father. It means someone in the family did ukuthwala/kuromba using an ancestral spirit in the lineage or the blood of a family member.

Some inyangas will invoke water spirits, like nzunza, inkanyambas, serpents etc and bind then to the wealth seeker and use that spirit to seek wealth for that person.

A lot of people these days are obsessed with mermaid spirits, Inzunza, inkanyamba because they were told they would get rich. The crooked inyangas know this, they will tell you we need to appease your mermaid spirit so you can get rich, let me laugh. They will instead invoke another spirit that is not sanctioned by the good and pure idlozi and not from your lineage and bind it to you.

Don’t be shocked if family members start dying around you or start blaming you for their misfortunes. Don’t be shocked if the se_x dreams increase in frequency. You have just sold your soul.

Some will sanction the murder of a family member or a random person. Several organs like the heart, the ge_nitals, eyes, tongue are removed, and the Inyanga performs spells on the organs and the person is told to bury the stuff were their source of income comes from, it could be their house, shop, church, indumbas etc.

Now understand that these spirits and objects are gained through dark and unnatural means, which means they come with tough terms and conditions.

Most people because they’re in a rush to get rich say yes to everything, but in doing so they have signed their own death certificates and other family members as well.

Remember these spirits are trapped and bound and forced to work against their will, which means they are angry spirits, bloodthirsty and cruel. You have taken a life, so you pay with a life, it’s a life for a life and as long as it serves you, more lives are required to appease it.

Some think uluthwala/kuromba ends with them. only but in actual truth it affects the whole clan.

Even if you die, your things will torment your descendants and their own descendants because you share the same bloodline.

To this day, some people are being cleansed from the sins that their ancestors committed 100 years ago.

The ultimate price is you, at some point you’re the one who has to die, unfortunately, it doesn’t die with you.

Someone has to either inherit it or go down the trenches and do the dirty work to get rid of it for you.

Most deaths of this nature are cruel, swift, humiliating, degrading, a mockery of the illusion you lived and disgraceful, it’s not a matter of going quietly to the Lord, you go kicking and screaming, full of regrets.

You will not be accepted by the good ancestors in the family lineage, your spirit will not rest and will roam in constant torment.

It takes wise, remorseful and repentant ancestors to accept that they did wrong in their lifetime and start the journey into the light, back to God. Most don’t see this unfortunately and they’re damned as a result, that is the true definition of hell.

God has blessed us all, it’s a matter of seeking him, seek ye first the kingdom of God and the things shall be added unto you. With God’s guidance you won’t fail

We’re not all meant to have mansions and flashy cars but we’re meant to live a full life. Even Jesus said I have come so they may have life and have it to the fullest.

Commit the work of your hands unto God and he will direct you, work hard and apply yourself

Most people want to fast track riches, it doesn’t work like that, don’t try to disturb the natural order of things or there is a price to pay

Don’t be fooled by these sangomas who promise instant wealth with no side effects, issa lie!

You will still die, people will still die, family or not. Blood on your hands is still blood and it has a price which is more blood.

There are no ‘lite versions’ of ukuthwala/kuromba, you’re either all in or out, just different outcomes depending on what you’re seeking and how far you’re willing to go.

Gogo WaMetsi

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