Sunday, 12 April 2020

Woman Mourns Loss Of Both Parents Who Died Days Apart From Coronavirus

A woman from Atlanta, US is mourning a double tragedy after both her elderly parents lost their lives while fighting COVID-19.

Her folks breathed their last three days apart and Jennifer McWhorter can only express the ordeal as “so painful.”

Jennifer whose heart sunk when her parents lost their battle against the dreaded pandemic said her dad passed on on a Sunday and her mother followed suit on a Wednesday.

Her parents Eddie and Blanche Johnson earlier made rounds on the internet with their dedication to beat the disease together. learned that they lay on their hospital beds facing each other and would sometimes hold each other’s hand in solidarity.
Woman Mourns Loss Of Both Parents Who Died Days Apart From Coronavirus

Though they were sick, they expressed their love in the simplest yet poetic manner and a photo of the two holding hands became viral.

People rooted for the elderly couple and hoped they would both come out of the other side unscathed but fate had other plans.

Jennifer told FOX News her parents both struggled with pneumonia which made it hard for them to recover from the disease.

She described their last days as difficult and said they were struggling to breathe.

"They were struggling. They both developed pneumonia. They both had that cough and could hardly breathe and they talked about the pain,” the pain-stricken daughter said.

Her parents lived together in a senior living centre known as Arbor Terrace.

It was reported 15 staff members at the centre tested positive for the virus and more than 10% of the community’s population contracted the disease.

A doctor said it was possible people taking care of the elderly at Arbor Terrace most likely spread the disease to the residents.

The couple’s daughter accused the centre’s management of being negligent and careless about how the spread was handled.

“No one called. Until I had to call them and tell them. You ought to be ashamed of yourself,” Jennifer lamented.

So far, 48 of the centre’s 61 residents have tested positive for COVID-19.


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