Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Tributes Pour In For Sophie Ndaba

Tributes pour in for Sophie Ndaba after the veteran actress made a comeback to national television on Lockdown!

Sophie Ndaba made a banging comeback Mzansi is talking about her sterling performance during Lockdown.

Her return to the small screen ticked all the right boxes as Mzansi got reminded of her acting prowess and professionalism. Mzansi was reminded of how good Sophie Ndaba is and sent their tributes in honor of her amazing work. 

Viewers of the popular weekly Mzansi Magic show, Lockdown, were left begging for more of Sophie Ndaba after she made an appearance as a nurse named Palesa, a broken nurse at Kgotsong Asylum. 

Lockdown is currently airing season 5 of the all-female cast set at a prison. Sophie Ndaba’s role is her first major role since leaving Generations. She has been in the news a lot though due to her drastic weight loss and battle with diabetes. 
Tributes Pour In For Sophie Ndaba
Tributes Pour In For Sophie Ndaba
News of her death has been circulating for a long time. She has once again defied death and proved the angels of death wrong and now tributes pour in for Sophie Ndaba.

The actress took a break from the camera for a few years and her comeback was a much welcome breath of fresh air. The Queen, as she is popularly known is back, and she is ready to give Mzansi some fresh and authentic acting.

Tributes Pour In For Sophie Ndaba

Many were left hyping praises and giving tributes on her portrayal of the character which resonates with all the struggles she endured with her health and recovering.

Her groundbreaking acting left the masses emotional yesterday and almost reaching for tissues. Many were thrilled to see her back, and they are definitely in for a treat this season.

Twitter was lit with tributes to Sophie Ndaba as people celebrated her comeback.
Tributes Pour In For Sophie Ndaba
Tributes Pour In For Sophie Ndaba

As more and more tributes poured in for Sophie Ndaba, it was a heartwarming moment to see South Africans appreciating and paying tributing to a person while they ate still alive. Sophie Ndaba’s return to national television was very much a welcome sight during the lockdown.

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