Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Raunchy Dancer Bev Blocked From Ginimbi Twerk Competition

Big money is being won on Ginimbi’s twerking competition on his Instagram accounts, with the latest winner walking away with R40000.

A South African by the name Medusa Thobejane was crowned the winner by the flamboyant businessman in his second edition of the competition.

However, it seems that not everyone was happy about the selection process of contestants for the twerking competition. Dancer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda felt she was rather robbed of her opportunity to participate in the opportunity to compete for the prize money.
Raunchy Dancer Bev Blocked From Ginimbi Twerk Competition
Raunchy Dancer Bev Blocked From Ginimbi Twerk Competition

Bev felt that she should have been chosen however some social media users felt that she didn’t really qualify to take part in the competition as she was is a seasoned dancer.

Speaking to Mbaretimes, Bev said that she was disappointed in not being able to participate in the twerking competition.

“I’m still disappointed by Ginimbi’s ‘hangers’ who sabotaged me after realizing that I could easily take away the money.

“I was ready in my dancing costumes but when it was my turn, I was blocked and that alone showed that there was some conspiracy which took place,” Bev told the publication.

Taking to Instagram, Bev also expressed her dissatisfaction with not being selected for the competition. – Zimbolebs

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