Monday, 6 April 2020

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa Refutes 5G Conspiracy Theory!

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa founder of United Family International Church has challenged the latest conspiracy and theorem that coronavirus is being spread via 5G wave and spectrum.

Presenting via an online sermon, Makandiwa argued both from a scientific and spiritual perspective, challenging the narrative that the source of the virus is not from the 5G radiation but a mere disease that originated from certain seafood.

Makandiwa warned that the world may be up to a new narrative to temper with evidence that the source of the virus is from the sea, and divert the attention to other issues.

He argued that the only reasonable understanding which links coronavirus to the 5G radiation is that it may only weaken body systems of patients already infected by the virus, exposing them to the symptoms of the virus.

“Can 5G create a virus that can move, reason and very smart to replicate itself, are scientists trying to say 5G is creating the virus, if not then at what point is the virus created? ”
Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa Refutes 5G Conspiracy Theory!
Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa Refutes 5G Conspiracy Theory!
“Are they defying science that a cell can now create a virus after radioactive exposure because that narrative only means that the virus was not initially there because a cell can only receive a virus and replicate it .”

Makandiwa argued that cells cannot try to recover and create a virus in the process, since that is not even scientific, adding that the narrative is fallible since radiation cannot cause a specific virus.
“If 5G radiation is active in this place and we are all exposed and that gives way to the coronavirus, why must that virus be the coronavirus, why are we only exposed to a specif single virus when the body is weakened and exposed to many other diseases.”

Makandiwa argued that there could be a new conspiracy against 5G technology, not because of its risks but probably because of the solutions its offerings.

“What if they have realised that 5G is less harmful than the already existing radiation from 4G, what if they have studied and discovered that the access speed from 5G reduces interaction and exposure time to the radiation due to connectivity speeds”
Makandiwa argued that they could have realised that the 5G is truly better than 4G and people have less radiation exposure which will lead to the enactment of 6G.

Makandiwa said 6G will be a number of completion, prophecy in the book of revelation and this will allow them to enforce new medication and digital chips in human bodies, as they begin the 666 manifestations.

In a warning scare, Makandiwa questioned why are they starting the vaccinations with Africa, when the continent is least affected, they want to immunise Africa by introducing the same dosage to try and create mutation through enforced vaccinations.

“This is an opportunity for them to install whatever it is in your bodies if they try it to me and my children, they will have to arrest me and jail me for disobeying their rules, we are not fools, we are in the world but not of this world, “charged Makandiwa.

The Prophet said things will likely get worse after the quarantine as this process is not curing any viruses but giving it time to mature and ripe for faster infections.

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