Sunday, 12 April 2020

Mzansi Demands That #ShimzaMustFall - "Shimza Must Apologize Properly"

Social media users are not happy with Shimza after he was rude to an upcoming DJ who asked if he could join his lockdown virtual session.

He faced a brutal reaction on social media with many wanting him cancelled. He issued an apology but Mzansi is not having any of it. learned that they do not feel that his apology is genuine and want him to say sorry properly.
Mzansi Demands That #ShimzaMustFall - "Shimza Must Apologize Properly"
Mzansi Demands That #ShimzaMustFall - "Shimza Must Apologize Properly"

He did issue another apology but it does not seem to have worked.

In other news, reported that the harsh response resulted in social media dragging Shimza, but the outcome wasn't all negative.

Black Coffee had been touched by the situation and reached out to offer the DJ a spot on the streaming lineup of his own show, Africa is Not A Jungle.

While the rejection handed down by Shimza had been a bitter pill to swallow an even bigger opportunity has opened up.

Sometimes when life dishes out disappointment its because something bigger and better is in the pipeline but this situation is one a whole new level.


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