Tuesday, 10 March 2020

God Gave Me Anointed PUNANI, Sleep With Me And Get Healed, Pastor Veronica Says

Pastor Mrs Veronica who is the founder of Life of Faith and Prosperity Ministry, Asaba, Delta State, has made a wonderful statement and offers a solution to men who have a fertility problem.

She said this on Sunday, 8th March, during a church session she was offering a sermon and said that any man that makes love to her will be healed of his fertility problem.

She said that her mission on earth is to cure fertility problems in men and once any of them sleeps with her and her body fluid touches his cucumber that such a man will be healed of his fertility problem.
God Gave Me Anointed PUNANI, Sleep With Me And Get Healed, Pastor Veronica Says
She went ahead to give her phone number so that any man with such a problem can contact her for a session.

She took to her Facebook page to write the message, see her message below:

Her mission on earth according to her is to cure men of their infertility problem through sleeping with them, Pastor Veronica also said that each session must not last more than 2 minutes.

In recent news, an indigene of Cross River State cries out on how her pastor deceived her to be sleeping with him every Sunday morning before going to church.

Imaobong which according to her said she was ignorant of what she was doing. She said the senior pastor of redemption house in Calabar, prophet Peter Bassey has been sleeping with her every morning before going to preach in church.

According to her, the pastor told her that it was an instruction from God to be sleeping with her female members before he Climbs the altar to preach, the young woman said she is not the only one the pastor sleeps with, in the church, but she is the only person that has the courage to speak out.

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