Monday, 24 February 2020

Uebert Angel Does It AGAIN ... Pays Fees For Entire School – For Whole Year – 1026 Students

Parents and pupils at Bota Primary School in Masvingo could not believe their luck after being told that prominent businessman/preacher Uebert Angel and his wife Beverly had paid their school fees including levies – for the whole year.

The donation, made last week Wednesday, under the auspices of the Uebert Angel Foundation, covers all 1026 students at the school and will bring much-needed relief for parents in the midst of a deepening economic crisis, made worse by a severe drought.

The headmistress, a Mrs Mbindi could not hide her joy.

“It is something that has never happened to me, in all my years as ahead, to have people taking away the burden of other parents at that scale. This can only be an act of God. We thank Prophet Angel and his wife Prophetess BeBe Angel for this amazing work,” Mbindi said.
Uebert Angel Does It AGAIN ... Pays Fees For Entire School – For Whole Year – 1026 Students
Uebert Angel Does It AGAIN ... Pays Fees For Entire School – For Whole Year – 1026 Students
Last month Angel and his wife made a similar donation, paying fees for the whole year for over 797 students at Kadyamadare Primary School in the Chikwaka Communal Lands, Mashonaland East Province, in the north-eastern part of the country, 50 km east of the capital Harare. 

The school fees relief programme is part of the Uebert Angel Foundation’s “Adopt a School” initiative that has seen them spreading this form of assistance to other schools in the country.
A representative of the Uebert Angel Foundation in Zimbabwe Pastor Felix said:

“This is just one of the many philanthropic endeavours of Prophet Angel. In fact in addition to this We now have a total database of 2161 students in Zimbabwe alone, in addition Prophet Angel is also paying school fees for 78 university students.

“So far this year the foundation he runs has adopted 2 schools and by the end of year we aim to have adopted many more schools that we will be offering such assistance,” Pastor Felix said.

According to Pastor Felix the “‘Adopt-a-School’ initiative has no link with any parent or student and the Prophet insists on not knowing them or talking to them stating that his main aim is to help and not be thanked by the beneficiaries.

“I should also mention that for this year this is just the beginning, more schools are going to receive this aid throughout the year,” he said.

Last year the charitable foundation donated mealie meal, blankets and clothes to the victims of Cyclone Idai which ravaged Manicaland Province. In 2015 Angel and his wife Beverley fed thousands of squatters in the city of Nakodar, India under an initiative again run by their foundation.

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