Thursday, 27 February 2020

Tytan and Olinda At Loggerheads Again!

UK-based Zimbabwean businesswoman and socialite Olinda Chapel and ex-husband musician Tytan are at loggerheads again after he hinted on her HIV status on social media.

In an interview on the YouTube channel Rumbidzai Show published on Wednesday, Tytan implied that Chapel’s was HIV positive. The couple broke up last year after an eight-month-marriage. Olinda and Tytan tied the knot in 2018 and welcomed their daughter named Nandi early last year.

The artiste said he noticed special medication that Olinda was taking when she was pregnant with their daughter and did a follow up on what kind of a drug it was.

“In the process of waiting for the baby to come we would get particular medication and I decided to look it up. The only reason I decided to look it up is that every time we would argue she would say I went through her blue folder (personal medical record book),” said Tytan.

“I decided to go through the blue folder and I saw some scary details and I thought I shouldn’t assume maybe it was just a precautionary measure as this is the UK . . . the way they love kids it’s just a precautionary measure.”
Tytan and Olinda At Loggerheads Again!
Tytan and Olinda At Loggerheads Again!

The musician said he, later on, asked her and she confirmed his suspicions through a phone call.

“It kept affecting me and I decided to ask, I didn’t want to spark an argument as I wanted to go and record. As soon as I left the house, I got a call (from Olinda) and she was crying on the other end. It was really shocking for me as it was confirmation of what I suspected.”

“She said she didn’t want to tell me because she wanted me to live a normal life and that changed how I viewed her at that point. I didn’t understand what kind of human being I was with,” said Tytan in tears.

Tytan claims he went on a post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) course which according to medical experts must be started within 72 hours after recent possible exposure to HIV.

“I got tested and I got on PEP course for four months and I was ok I literally send myself to the doctors as I get tested regularly,” he said.

Ironically, The Rumbidzai show in its credits at the end has Njabulo Nkomo as the brand and marketing manager, executive producer and production manager which is Tytan’s real name.

Olinda responded to the allegations made by Tytan on Auntie Jenny’s Lounge Facebook page yesterday saying he knew all along about her HIV status before they got married.

She said he would at times collect and give her the unnamed medication.

“I am HIV [sic] that is not Coronavirus but I am free of his hold on me. If I wronged him, he must go and report to the police, how come I have not been arrested by the police? He has been using this as a weapon against me. The desperation to seek for papers is really shocking,” she said.

“Tytan would go and collect medication for me. Tytan would administer that medication for (to) me. Tytan was very much aware before he had boarded the plane from Zimbabwe and I made sure that I recorded that conversation with him because I knew that this would happen, I made sure myself that he knew.

“It was not the issue yekuti hanzi andina kumuudza (that I didn’t tell him) because that part I can disclose I can actually evidence [sic] that, the only part is I don’t want my particular part of private life being put out there.

Olinda Chapel said she is shocked that Tytan revealed sensitive information about her private life.
Tytan and Olinda At Loggerheads Again!
Tytan and Olinda At Loggerheads Again!

“I’m in shock, my heart is broken, Tytan was the one person. I trusted him, I saw him as my friend and I could show him the real me without any judgement only to use that against me as he revealed sensitive information about me,” she said.

“It is my right, it is my choice to make that choice that I want to tell this person, he does not have the right to take that away from me.”


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