Thursday, 20 February 2020

Meet Rachel J, The Sultry Vixen Prophet Shepherd Bushiri ‘Impregnated’

Prominent religious leader Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has found himself in the headlines again for all the wrong reasons after he allegedly impregnated Rachel J, the wife of Zimbabwe former deputy minister of finance Terence Mukupe.

Mukupe and Major1, as Prophet Bushiri is affectionately called by his followers, had an explosive war of words on social media over the issue. Bushiri has furiously denied the allegations and accused Mukupe of trying to extort him. He went as far as threatening to take legal action against Mukupe, promising to take him to the cleaners for besmirching his name.

Mukupe, on the other hand, seems unperturbed by the threats. Instead, a fiery combative Mukupe doubled down on his initial position and made even more damning allegations against Bushiri. Mukupe is now demanding the R100 000 that he seeded to Bushiri’s church claiming that Major1 is a fake prophet who runs a fake church.
Meet Rachel J, The Sultry Vixen Prophet Shepherd Bushiri ‘Impregnated’
Meet Rachel J, The Sultry Vixen Prophet Shepherd Bushiri ‘Impregnated’
He also released some of the evidence which he claims to have which shows that Rachel J had frequent assignations with Bushiri to have sex. A combative Mukupe claimed that he has more evidence of the illicit affair and insisted on having the matter play out in court, saying that this will show who between the two of them “serves a true God”.

With all the drama going on between the two alpha males, a lot of people have been wondering about Rachel J, the woman at the centre of the unholy love triangle.

Rachel J is a multitalented media artist who is into modelling, poetry, music as well as fashion designing. Believe it or not, she has actually released some gospel songs in addition to hip hop and Zimdancehall. Her most recent music features rather provocative lyrics which may cross the line of decency.

In fact, Rachel J’s last song “Ngoro” which she collaborated with Enzo Ishall, was banned from all radio stations by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe. BAZ was concerned about what it termed “sexually suggestive lyrics”.

Her videos are available on her YouTube channel Rachel J Official as well as Voice of Victory.

Rachel J is also an accomplished businesswoman in her own right. She recently announced that she will be launching her own fashion label, “Rachel J” sometime this year. However, recent developments may impede those plans.

On the personal front, former deputy finance minister Terence Mukupe is reported to have left his wife Dadirai, for the sultry vixen. Mukupe announced via social media only a few weeks ago, that he is expecting the “final addition to the Mukupe clan”. The post included an image of a half-clothed Rachel J, spotting a baby bump. Apparently, this is the same pregnancy that has caused all the commotion and accusations.

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