Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Maize Cob Stealing Teacher Off The Hook After Singer Compensates Farmer!

A teacher whose picture went viral on social media after he was caught stealing maize cobs will not have to worry about the threat of criminal prosecution after singer Mudiwa Hood compensated the farmer.

Jonathan Chatikobo, a science teacher at a private college in Harare’s Waterfalls suburb, was caught with the stolen maize cobs and humiliated after his picture was taken and posted on social media.

The incident highlighted the grinding poverty which has become the daily existence of many workers, including teachers who earn less than US$60 per month.

Instead of evoking anger, the image of Chatikobo who was made to sit next to the green mealies sparked an outpouring of sympathy from Zimbabweans at home and abroad amid calls for him to be found and assisted.
Knight in shining armour ... Singer Mudiwa Hood with teacher Jonathan Chatikobo who stole maize before his picture went viral on social media

Rapper Mudiwa Hood located Chatikobo on Tuesday, and sat during one of his lessons.

Describing him as a “pure genius”, Mudiwa tweeted: “I settled the compensation demanded by the maize cobs owner. Among other things, I will pay school fees for all his kids, he needs help.”

Chatikobo is reported to be diabetic and must eat often, but without money to keep up with his dietary demands, he stole the maize cobs in desperation.

Mudiwa said Chatikobo had asked well-wishers who want to give financial support to EcoCash Faustine Svuvure on 0772999156, or call the number if they had assistance of another kind.

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