Thursday, 20 February 2020

Khama Billiat Robbed At Gunpoint!

Warriors and Kaizer Chiefs star Khama Billiat was last night robbed at a Mall in South Africa by some gun totting thugs, we can exclusively reveal.

Khama was disembarking from his car when the thugs pounced on him, pointed guns to his head and demanded ‘everything’ he had.

A shocked Khama Billiat did not try to fight back or show any signs of resistance but lifted his arms and told them to take ‘anything and everything they wanted’.

The robbers stripped Khama of his neck chains, body searched him and took some money in his pocket before proceeding to ransack his expensive Range Rover Lumia whereupon he voluntarily opened the glove compartment with even more cash jewellery and some deodorants.
Khama Billiat Robbed At Gunpoint!
Khama Billiat Robbed At Gunpoint!

The robbers also took Khama’s bags that had Kaizer chiefs training kits and drove off in their getaway car, leaving the shaken Billiat stunned.

This is the second time in as many years Khama has been robbed in South Africa. Luckily they did not harm or torture him.

In 2017 he was robbed again. It was reported that Billiat went to the nearest petrol station to replenish his prepaid electricity card when six men, armed with AK-47s, entered the store.

He was reportedly robbed of his wristwatch and walled before being ordered to lie down together with three other shoppers who were also inside the store.

Things have not been well for the footballer as he was in the news again a month ago after his humiliating fight with his baby mama. His baby mama was accusing him of not taking care of their love child.

Even in the field of play, Khama last appeared for his Kaiser Chiefs side mid-December as he has been battling injury.

Luckily though on this latest incident, he wasn’t harmed. It does, however, suggest that he was followed and the robbers knew he would have expensive stuff on him.

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