Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Robert Mugabe Jr Speaks: I Only Care About Things Which Feed My Soul, I Don’t Care About Negative Media

Former president Robert Mugabe’s son Robert Jr has opened up about his life saying that he does not concern himself with negative media coverage. Speaking to South African Radio Station Dexterity, Robert Jr said:

I don’t listen or pay attention to them, they don’t feed my soul with what I want to feed my soul with. I want to feed myself with positivity and if I am constantly focusing on the negative media then I’m gonna pull myself around with that negative energy. What you put inside of you is what you end up giving to other people, it’s what you end up being. So if there is positive media I pay attention to positive media, if there is (sic) positive comments I pay attention to positive comments. The rest, I don’t pay attention.
Robert Mugabe Jr Speaks.
Robert Jr also revealed how he feels about people calling his mother, Gucci Grace,

Well, she is saved in my phone as Gucci Grace (laughs) no I’m playing. I mean, she likes dressing nice and funny enough, she doesn’t even have Gucci in her closet so I guess it’s just because of (of the) “G”. I like the name now cause a lot of people love Gucci, you gotta love Gucci, you gotta love Grace.
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