The Miracle Abortion Preacher Prophet Passion Java divorces his wife Prophetess Yasmin.

Leader of Kingdom Embassy church, Prophet Passion Java, who grabbed headlines several years ago when he flighted an advert in the press claiming that he was the ONLY prophet who could "prophesy" anyone's date of birth and ID number, is now divorcing his wife, Yasmin whom he had a controversial wedding with four years ago.

The advert read: "The only prophet in Zimbabwe who can prophesy your ID number."

My Zimbabwe News reported several years ago that Yasmin's grandmother was at one time breathing fire, claiming that Prophet Passion had 'snatched' Yasmin without following the proper lobola process. In fact, the elderly grandmother said Prophet Passion was co-habiting with her grandchild.
The Miracle Arbotion Preacher Prophet Passion Java divorces his wife Prophetess Yasmin.
The Miracle Arbotion Preacher Prophet Passion Java divorces his wife Prophetess Yasmin.
Surprisingly, as is the norm with most of these prophets, once the man "acquires" powers to become a prophet, his wife automatically becomes a Prophetess. Such was the case with Prophet Passion Java's situation, and we wonder if his estranged wife would remain prophetess, or Prophet Passion will take back his 'title' and supposedly 'powers' too.

However, the couple is blessed with a four year-old son and we also reported about the controversy surrounding the birth of the child four years ago. Prophet Passion even bragged in church that he had prophesied the exact date of birth of his child, whom the named, Uebert Java - you guessed it right - the child was named after an equally controversial prophet, Mr Uebert Angel, who allegedly fled the country last year. Prophet Uebert Angel is a "spiritual grandfather" of Prophet Passion's son.

Prophet Java and Prophetess Yasmin Java are said to have tried their level best to fix their differences, but sources say a divorce was the only way forward for the two so-called Prophets of God.

"They are divorcing. Things have not been well in their marriage for quite some time. Right now their lawyers are handling the matter and it will be heard at the High Court soon. The differences are irreconcilable but one good thing about their divorce is that they are both consenting to it and they are on talking terms," said the source.

Prophet Java, who never ran short of surprises throughout his 'career', once pulled a shocker when he celebrated his 24th birthday for THREE SOLID DAYS and closed first street where his church was situated before the landlord evicted him. He was doing it the P-Diddy and Genius Kadungure way. He held THREE colourful birthday celebrations AT THREE VENUES and on THREE DIFFERENT DAYS - exactly the P-Diddy style, from Friday morning till Sunday night.

When reached for comment, the 27-year-old Prophet confirmed that he no longer loves his wife but begged for the matter to remain a private issue.

"Yes there is a divorce taking place but we wanted to properly inform the church first about it not through the Press. We had planned to have a question and answer programme at our church where my wife and I will be responding to questions on why we came to this conclusion but publishing this story would ruin our plans. We came to this conclusion due to reasons that I cannot tell you but we are staying under the same roof and there is no enmity between us," he said.

After being evicted from corner First Street and Samora Machel, Prophet Passion's church started renting at Town House, where he pulled yet another shocker when he prayed for all his 'haters' to have all bad luck and be tormented by all evil spirits he cast out of every other person.

Gogo Kulsum Rahman, who had been Prophetess Yasmen's legal guardian, prior to the couple's controversial marriage said she was shocked to read about her granddaughter being referred to as 'PROPHETESS' in the newspapers and posters splashed on the streets.

"I was shocked to hear people telling me that my granddaughter was now married to a prominent prophet and yet she NEVER told me. We are Moslems and we need to be consulted. I raised her and for the past twenty-two years she was a devoted Muslin. All she knew was the Koran NOT the Bible, so for her to be MARRIED to a Christian prophet is hard to believe," she said.

Prophetess Yasmen's mother only identified as Fatima also CONFIRMED that her daughter was COHABITING with Prophet Passion but she refused to shed more light on the accusations.

One needs counter book to write all the shocking headlines Prophet Passion Java once grabbed. At one time he shocked many when he allegedly conducted a miracle abortion. In February 2013, H-Metro reported that Prophet Passion allegedly prayed for a young woman who was pregnant and wanted to terminate her unwanted pregnancy. The tabloid reported that at the instigation of the man of God's prayer, the pregnancy allegedly disappeared.

"I was four months pregnant and as you can see my tummy is now flat to show that I am no longer pregnant, I was impregnated by my boyfriend four months ago but he has dumped me so I wasn’t prepared to look after the child because I am currently unemployed so I came here expectant of my miracle," she said.

In the response, the man of God preached:

"This can only be God; we have performed this miracle because we did not want the child to suffer and she has openly said that she is not prepared to have a child yet because her boyfriend who impregnated her has dumped her," said Prophet Passion on the pulpit then.

He again grabbed headlines when he flighted an advert featuring John Cena and other wrestles before alleging that his 'powers' were like those of wrestlers. Prophet Java added that John Cena was his personal friend.
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