Question and Answer Segment with Prophet W. Magaya

Qsn: Man of God I would like to know if all tongues come from God?
Ans: It is not every tongue that is from God. If you realize that your tongues are church based try to stop them and pray for the Holy Spirit to give you the gift of tongues. Tongues are not meant for religion but it is a gift from the Holy Spirit. Many churches have turned tongues to make them church tongues that is why you see different churches have different types of tongues. Tongues are personal and they are like fingerprints we are all human beings but we have different fingerprints. Here we are trying to delete the issue of religion because it is holding everyone’s mind.

Qsn: How can we interpret dreams?

Ana: Interpretation is a choice. You interpret a dream in a way you want it to be. A dream has no power until it is interpreted.

Qsn: I would like to know if it is possible to have an altar at my house and if I pray one thousand times at that alter must put one thousand offerings?
Ans: Yes, you must have an altar at your place and you must bring those offerings from your altar at home to the main alter at church because the bible clearly say that “you must not come in front of God empty handed”. An altar is not necessarily fancy your pocket can also be an alter you will just pray and say I am taking this offering to the main alter.

Question and Answer Segment with Prophet W. Magaya
Qsn: What really causes a business to collapse?
Ans: What causes a business to collapse is a spirit. When God gives you a gift of a business you must be jealous enough to find a way to guard it. If God gives you anything it is upon you to protect it such that you will see better results from it.

Qsn: Man of God how best can I maintain my deliverance?
Ans: Firstly you must change your character. Try to change an environment you were living before you got your deliverance. If it means changing people you associate with it is wiser to do so such that people around you must share the same thinking and belief with you.

Qsn: I would like to understand on the issue of spiritual fathers and their purpose?
Ans: The term father is a way of showing respect and nothing much. A spiritual father is more like a mentor who will be teaching and guiding you on the encounters he had before and how to overcome such situations since you are not as experienced as they are.

Qsn: How often as Christians should we partake in the Holy communion?

Ans: As many times as you can. It is a choice as ministry on how to do it. It is a memorial event that a church must decide on how to do it. It might be every week, month, quarterly, yearly all depending with the ministry.

Qsn: How do we know that this is a living church?
Ans: We all have the gift of discernment but the problem is we do not encourage our sixth sense of discernment. The spirit of discernment is given to one who wish. It is given to us to be able to unveil hidden things. When you go to a church the spirit of God must be able to tell if you are at the right place or not but we all ignore it. A religion is also another sign that can tell you that a church is a dead one. If you visit a ministry that promotes your healing, deliverance and freedom that can also simply tells you that it is a living church.

Qsn: I am running a bottle store, I started this business before I got delivered so should I continue in this trade or I must find something else to do?

Ans: What you must know is that if you had managed to run a bottle store you are also capable of running any other business. Change to an environment that will help you to maintain your deliverance and that also helps the anointing of God to flow in your life. Our God is a powerful God but it is only us who limit Him. Just open your heart and say God I need to start a new business and life.
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